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Edy Ferguson

Edy Ferguson

Born in Chicago, Edy Ferguson lives and works in New York and London.  She uses a variety of mixed media including film installation, sound, drawing painting, photography, collage, and performance.

After studying painting and sculpture at Washington University in St. Louis, she moved to New York where she worked in film and made video clips. Subsequently, she studied for a master's at Hunter College (Film and video installation, painting). She has exhibited in New York, London, Athens, San Francisco and in Venezuela, France, Switzerland and Austria. She has also recently exhibited at the Benaki Museum, Centre d'Arte Contemporain Geneva and the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens. The many prizes and grants she has received include awards from such leading contemporary art institutions as PS1 in New York, and an MTV Music Award for the video clip of the song "Jeremy" by the group Pearl Jam in 1993.

Her work uses imagery from both high and low culture, drawing references from film, rock music and the spirit of punk. Her work invites the viewer to question the power and purpose of art and highlights the coexistence of multiple and contradictory points of view in our experience of reality.

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