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Emma Talbot

Emma Talbot

In Emma Talbot's practice it is as much the mining of her own autobiography, as the biographies of others, both real, imaginary, and fictional, that is explored, sliced–open, edited and articulated. Micro memories and fantasies jostle on macro canvases. She negotiates the twentieth and twenty–first century struggle of the individual in life, in the family, at home, and in society through her work. The outcome is articulated directly onto silk and paper, always with painter's brush and always freehand. The language of representation is developed into her own visual vocabulary, saturated with lived and unlived echoes. 1930's fonts, film, song, pop, literature, Japanese Shunga, Metaphysical Poetry, Film Noir, Edith Piaf, Edna O'Brien, Jacques Brel, Kurt Weill, Marlene Dietrich, Anaïs Nin, Edgar Reitz's Heimat, Pablo Neruda, Paul Ricœur serve as her studio assistants. Referencing is for others, Talbot takes where and what she needs and finds necessary – and makes it quite her own.

Emma studied at the Kent Institute of Art and Design 1987-88, the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design 1988-91 and The Royal College of Art 1993-95. Her work has been exhibited nantionally and internationally, and is held in collections including the Saatchi Collection and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. She lives and works in London. 

Emma is also represented by Petra Rinck Galerie and Galerie Onrust.

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